TMJ Disorders (Jaw Joint)

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Our approach- Anand Dental Clinic is a long established dental clinic based in Meerut. The other symptoms of TEMPORO-MANDIBULAR JOINT (TMJ) DISORDERS include the following: difficulty on opening the mouth, inability to open the jaws wide , and sometimes an inability to open the mouth at all, sensitive teeth, a tendency to dislocate the jaw, and clicking, popping or grinding noises when opening or closing the mouth. Finally, TMD sufferers are prone to many more than the average number of complications from routine dental treatment

Erupt normally between 17-23 year of age. They may remain impacted (unemerged) in the bone or may be take wrong direction of eruption which causes many problems such as, inflammation of overlying gums, pain and swelling, inability to open mouth. In sever cases infection may burst out on the face and leaves scar. It should be extracted if proper space is not available for their eruption or incorrect direction of eruption.